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Privacy Policy

ROMAX Waterjet Privacy Policy

Privacy statement valid as of February 5, 2020. ROMAX Waterjet SRL is dedicated to protect your personal data. This Statement of Privacy describes the practices for collecting information from our company. If you have any questions about this Privacy Statement, please contact us at

1. Personal data covered
This privacy statement refers to data collected through our websites (,,, interactions at fairs and profile events, via email, telephone and face to face with representatives of ROMAX Waterjet SRL. The aforementioned websites may contain links to other websites. ROMAX Waterjet SRL is not responsible for the information practices or the content of these websites. The Company encourages you to review the privacy statements of other websites to understand their informatic practices.


2. Personal data collected
The customer data collected differs depending on the source of the collection and the intended use of the information. For example, the data on a website requires the name, email address, phone number or postal code of the area. Company name and website address are optional. Certain support areas require your OMAX account code, the manufacturing series of your equipment, and the name of your company. The company uses the data collected from you to respond to IT, technical and support requests and to communicate offers or information that we consider it to be of interest to you. ROMAX Waterjet SRL will not sell your personal data to third parties. ROMAX Waterjet SRL may transmit your data to an OMAX distributor if the Company believes that the distributor is better suited to meet your requests. At the same time, ROMAX Waterjet SRL may transmit your information to our financing partners based on your request or to 
our partners registered in the ROMAX Waterjet system (accounting, websites, email, etc.) - only following a written request from the ROMAX partner. As you browse the Company's websites, ROMAX Waterjet SRL, may collect data using the usual data collection tools, such as cookies and web beacons. Web site navigation data includes standard web browser data (such as browser type and language), Internet Protocol (IP) address, and actions taken on the Company's website (such as visited pages and accessed links).


3.Use of the data collected by ROMAX Waterjet SRL
The company uses the data to respond to your requests. For example, when you fill out the "Contact Us" form, the Company will use the data provided to contact you about the products you are interested in. The company may also use your data for marketing purposes. For example, the Company may use the contact details provided to send you information about the Company and its partners, as well as information about products, promotions or events. ROMAX Waterjet SRL uses the navigation data on the website to operate and improve the Company's websites. The Company may also use the Navigation Data on the Website together with your data to provide you with personalized information about the Company.


4.Data navigation in the website
Our websites use common data collection tools, such as cookies and web beacons, to collect data about your browsing on the Company's websites (Website navigation data). This section describes the types of browsing data on the website that the Company may collect and how the Company uses this data.


5. Cookie module
Our websites use cookies to make the interaction with the Company's websites easy and understandable. When you visit one of the Company's pages, ROMAX Waterjet SRL servers send a cookie to your Independent computer, the cookies cannot identify you. They recognize only the web browser. Unless you identify yourself on the sites, either by responding to a promotional offer, or by opening a purchase account, assisting or completing a form on the site, you remain anonymous to the Company. There are two types of cookies: session-based and persistent. Session cookies only exist during a session. They disappear from your computer when you close your browser or turn off your computer. Persistent cookies remain on your computer after you close your browser or turn off your computer. If you have chosen to log on to the ROMAX Waterjet SRL sites, the Company uses session cookies that contain encrypted information to enable the Company to uniquely identify you. Each time you log in to the Support area, a session cookie that contains a unique encrypted identification code linked to your account is placed in your browser. These session cookies allow the Company to uniquely identify you when you are logged in to the Service and process your downloads and requests online. Session cookies are required to use the support areas of the website. ROMAX Waterjet SRL uses persistent cookies that only the Company can read and use to identify browsers that have previously visited the Company's websites. When you visit a ROMAX Waterjet SRL site, a unique identifier is associated with a persistent cookie, placed by the Company in your browser. The company is particularly careful about the security and confidentiality of the data stored in the persistent cookies. For example, the Company does not store account numbers or passwords in persistent modules. If you disable the ability of your browser to receive cookies, you will be able to browse the Company's websites, but you will not be able to successfully use the support / command area. ROMAX Waterjet SRL may use data from session and persistent cookies along with the data provided to provide you with information about the Company.


6. Web beacons
ROMAX Waterjet SRL uses web beacons independently or together with cookies to compile data on the use of the Client and the Visitor on the Company's pages and the interaction with the emails sent by the Company. Web beacons are electronic images that can recognize certain types of information on your computer, such as cookies, when you have viewed a specific web site (web beacons) and a description of the web site. web beacon. For example, ROMAX Waterjet SRL may place web beacons in marketing emails, which notify the Company when you click on a link in the email and direct you to one of the Company's pages. ROMAX Waterjet SRL uses web beacons to operate and improve the Company's websites and email communication.


7. IP Address
When you visit the ROMAX Waterjet SRL websites, the Company collects your Internet Protocol (IP) addresses to track and collect information that cannot identify a person. For example, ROMAX Waterjet SRL websites use IP addresses to monitor the regions from which Customers and Visitors browse the Company's websites.


8. Third-party cookies
Periodically, ROMAX Waterjet SRL hires third parties to track and analyze the personally identifiable use and statistical information of volume from people who visit the Company's websites. Our sites may also use third party cookies to track the performance of the Company advertisements. The data provided to third parties does not include personal data, but these data can be re-associated with personal data after the Company receives them. The privacy statement does not cover the use of third party cookies.


9.Public Forums, Recommend a Friend and Testimonial Reviews
ROMAX Waterjet SRL may provide notice systems, communities, forums, blogs (, or live chat discussions on the Company's websites. All personally identifiable information that you choose to provide in these forums may be read, collected or used by others who visit these forums and may be used to send unsolicited messages. ROMAX Waterjet SRL is not responsible for the personal data you choose to provide in these forums. ROMAX Waterjet SRL publishes a list of Customers and testimonials on the Company's websites ("Customer reports, Customer successes, Customer testimonials") that contain data such as customer name and function. ROMAX Waterjet SRL obtains the consent of each Client before publishing any information on such a list or publishing a testimonial.


10. Sharing the collected data
ROMAX Waterjet SRL may share your data with the Company's agents, so that these agents can contact the Clients and Visitors who have provided contact details, from us. At the same time, our sites may share your data with Company agents to ensure the quality of the data provided. ROMAX Waterjet SRL does not share, sell, rent or trade identifiable data with third parties for their promotional purposes. ROMAX Waterjet SRL reserves the right to disclose the data of Customers and Visitors who can identify a person if this is required by law or if the Company reasonably considers that the disclosure is necessary to protect the rights of the Company and / or to comply court proceedings, court orders or other legal proceedings.


11. Communication preferences
ROMAX Waterjet SRL provides to the Clients and Visitors who provide contact data a means of choosing the ways in which the Company uses the provided data. You can manage the receipt of marketing and non-transactional communications by clicking the "unsubscribe" link below the marketing emails sent by the Company. Additionally, you can send a request specifying communication preferences to Customers can not opt to receive transactional emails related to their account at INDPART, PROTOMAX, ROMAX or ROMAX Support.


12. Accessing, Correcting and Deleting your personal data collected by ROMAX Waterjet SRL
You can send us an e-mail to to request access, modification, correction or deletion of your personal data provided by any means of data collection ROMAX Waterjet SRL. We respond to all these requests, but we reserve the right to provide reasonable limits in cases that impose legal restrictions and compliance with the legal provisions.


The ROMAX Waterjet SRL-based customer support uses password protection security measures to protect your data from unauthorized access, maintain data accuracy and help ensure proper use of your account data. To access the support area, your username and password are required. OMAX and ROMAX Waterjet SRL also implement advanced security methods based on dynamic data and coded session identification.


14. Modifications to the Privacy Statement
ROMAX Waterjet SRL reserves the right to modify this Privacy Statement. If we decide to change our privacy statement, we will publish these changes so that you are constantly informed about the data we collect and how we use this data.


Questions regarding this Statement of Privacy or data practices on the Company's websites will be sent to the email address or

Rev. 1.1.200420


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