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OMAX OIL - 3 liter

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Brand: ROMAX Product Code: U000 Availability: In Stock - Quantity: 8 pcs Quantity: 8 pcs


Non – Additivated Engine Oil
Omax Oil is a non additivated four-stroke engine oil, which were used before the adoption of Heavy Duty (HD) engine oil for gasoline and diesel engines.
These engines are actual only used in oldtimer vehicles like old agriculture tractors, or cars. These original engines contain materials, which are not complementary with the additivated Heavy Duty (HD) engine oils.
Omax Oil is an engine oil based on carefully choiced mineral oil raffinates. It contains no detergent and dispergant additives.
The requested viscosity grade has to be choosed from the manual of the producer for the summer and winter period.
Omax Oil is only available as a monograde engine oil in the below shown SAE
- viscosity grades SAE (SAE J 300.06.87).
The safety file in English language it is available and can be requested at

    30 SAE DIN 51519
Density at 15 °C g/ml 0,883 DIN 51757
Viscosity  +40 °C mm²/s 95,4 DIN EN ISO 3104
Viscosity  +100 °C mm²/s 10,96 DIN EN ISO 3104
Viscosiy-Index   98 DIN ISO 2909
Pourpoint °C -12 DIN ISO 3016
Flash poin °C 259 DIN ISO 2592
Total Acid Number mg/KOHg <0,03 DIN 51558
Ash g/100 g <0,01 DIN 51575

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Tech file
MSDS - OMAX Oil - English

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